Australian Dragons.Chimeric dragons of Australia are as old as the rainbow serpents. Most often these dragons are huge serpents with long oversized ears. Bunylp are credited with being masterful shapeshifters and often choose to take on appearances that they find amusing. Thus we have bunyip that look like giant versions of existing Australian animals and chimeric creatures made up of many different animal parts.

These dragons prefer swamp lands as home. Bunyip will not shy away from eating people. They also have fierce tempers and will flood the lands when angered.

Dragonlore: From the Archives of the Grey School of WizardryDragonlore.

Dragonlore, part of the Archives of the Grey School of Wizardry, is written by faculty members and introduced and edited by Headmaster and wizard Oberon Zell-Ravenheart. These textbooks will form a comprehensive library that Magick-users everywhere will wish they’d had during their own apprentice years. Following the 16 departments of the Grey School, the Archives will provide in-depth looks at the Wizarding world with favorite topics such as dragonlore, naturalist studies, magickal healing, herbology, divination, cosmology, and more.


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