D. A. Levy, author and artist of Valley of Dragons, China the Dragon and Dragons of Cymru, is a world wanderer and amateur historian.

For four generations, her family has stressed the value of visiting other nations and learning about other people and concepts.

Quadrivium.Beginning with the North Coast of California (home base), she has visited dozens of states, and 30 countries including Japan, Thailand, French Polynesia, Australia, France, Greece, Italy, England, Ireland, Wales, Turkey, Costa Rica, and Mexico.

During the years, in every country, she has come across dragons, elves, fairies, Leprechauns, shape-shifters, runes, and monoliths on spirit mountains (Fujisan in Japan and Mt. Shasta in California), Mayan and Aztec pyramids, in cathedrals, museums, side streets, on waterways and secluded villages.

Many cultures are thousands of years old and have acquired wisdom not yet part of Western mind.

FineArtAmerica.com / Pixels.com feature a small selection of Levy’s photographs and paintings from world tours . . . and a growing selection of dragons of the world.

Wales. Home of Dragons.

Wales. Home of Dragons.
(c) D. A. Levy.